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                上海琪石地坪工程有限公司 著眼于景觀功能性路面的發展,專注園林市政路面鋪裝材料的研發,從業十二年來,積累了豐富的行業經驗,累計施工面積超400百萬平方米。以人文環保、自然和諧為經營理念,為國內外超五千項項目提供了景觀功能性路面一體化解決方案與技術支持。




                 Shanghai qishi co., LTD focuses on the development of landscape functional road surface and focuses on the research and development of pavement materials for garden and municipal roads. In the past 12 years, it has accumulated rich industry experience and accumulated over 400 million square meters of construction area. Based on the management philosophy of humanity, environmental protection and harmony of nature, it provides integrated solutions and technical support for over 5,000 projects at home and abroad.

                Shanghai qishi co., LTD is the authorized service provider of GEMMY art floor in mainland China under the brand of zhenshi GEMMY art floor in Germany. In terms of materials, it has cooperated with basf deeply, providing a good solution for the color durability, enhancement, crack resistance and weather resistance of floor materials. Currently, the company operates a variety of floor types, such as pressure model floor, permeable floor, adhesive stone road, color road aggregate permeable floor, natural gravel concrete, acid colored art floor, color permeable asphalt, color anti-skid road. Combining Germany's advanced material technology and paving concept with China's traditional culture and national conditions, fully considering the product functionality, landscape, weather resistance, durability, compressive strength, engineering cost and other factors, we will contribute to the development of sponge city and the construction of garden city in China.

               Shanghai qishi co., LTD have a large number of professional technical backbone and experienced construction team. Management system perfect, have advanced construction technology and perfect management, the company follow the "integrity, service, unity, pioneering" team spirit, with "customer first, quality first" as the enterprise idea, the enterprise's safety production, civilized construction, the good faith management, quality, innovation and so on has made remarkable achievements. As always, qishi will take "good faith and law, environmental protection and safety, quality, low price and one-stop service" as the management policy, and wholeheartedly provide the best quality products and services for the vast number of users.

               Qi shi has achieved remarkable progresses in construction quality, safety production, civilized construction, technological advances, etc.The company will continue to "honest law-abiding, inexpensive high-quality, environmental protection and security" for the management policy, dedicated to provide users with the best service and cooperate with the community sincerely to create more good building products together to beautify the environment and make a greater contribution to the harmonious society .

               Qi shi is willing to cooperate with elites from all walks of life to provide better pavement for the construction of modern cities and make greater efforts to beautify the environment and create a harmonious society.

        • 聯系人 : 崔經理
        • 聯系電話 : 13817805088
        • 移動電話 : 13817805088
        • 地址 : 上海市浦東新區航頭路1688弄101號
        • Email : 2560263141@qq.com
        • 公司網址 : http://www.yvbcajf.cn
        • QQ : 2560263141


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